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Our Technology

Atala is OLEDWorks' automotive qualified OLED lighting technology. Using ultra thin and flexible light engines, we help you design and enable even, energy-efficient, dynamic, and brand-forward automotive lighting solutions.

Automotive Qualified

  • Atala's OLED lighting meets all automotive reliability standards

  • Meets ECE/SAE red color qualifications

  • High brightness and vehicle lifetime longevity, even at extreme temperatures

  • On the road today - Atala OLED lighting comes standard in the Audi A8

Ultra-Thin & Lightweight

  • Ultra-thin profile (<1mm) 

  • Lightweight without the need for additional optical components

  • Contributes to reduced overall weight and vehicle fuel consumption

Unmatched Uniformity

  • Exceptional uniformity without waveguides or diffusors

  • Consistent brightness and color convey elegance and quality.

  • Superior performance across all brightness levels

Intrinsic Segmentation

  • Panel design includes individually addressable segmentation

  • High-contrast and no crosstalk enables crisp symbols and animations

  • No compromise on thinness, uniformity, or light quality


  • Display-like lighting communicates through dynamic symbols and animations

  • Share information with other vehicles, pedestrians, and more

  • Enhances road safety through a better understanding of road conditions


  • High-volume lean production in Aachen, Germany

  • Comprehensive quality control, reporting, and MES systems.

  • IATF 16949, ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 certified, and full traceability via MES.


  • Atala is engineered by industry leading OLEDWorks technical experts with a robust product roadmap for the future.

  • Atala offerings will be expanding to amber, white, and flexible products


  • New formulations for high brightness turn and brake applications


Additional Resources

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FAQ Guide

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