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5 Reasons Why Atala is the Best Choice for Automotive Lighting

As a focal point of research and development within the lighting industry, solid-state organic light emitting diode (OLED) technology is proving increasingly appealing for various commercial applications. Among the pioneers of OLED technology solutions is OLEDWorks, the founder of Atala—a brand dedicated to automotive OLED lighting.

Car rear taillights closeup image.
Atala demonstrator panel.

Atala products stand out with their ultra-thin profile, high brightness, long lifetimes, and rigorous reliability testing. These are among the many qualities that position Atala as the superior choice for automotive lighting.

Today, we’ll discuss five reasons why innovative Atala OLED technology is driving the future of automotive illumination.

Atala is Customizable

A car can symbolize freedom, independence, and the unique personality of the driver. Atala lighting provides carmakers unique opportunities to define their brand and differentiate their products in the market, while also increasing driver satisfaction and revenue potential.

Atala reflects the future of OLEDs by designing the light, not the lens. It enables full customization to meet both design intentions and customers’ desire for personalization—a powerful combination that cannot be matched by other lighting technologies.

Atala is Functional and Dynamic

Atala panels have individually addressable segments with high contrast, sharp edges. Software controlled segments afford designers the pitch and size of choice, which can be changed on demand, to go beyond standardized rectangular displays.

Front and rear end displays can be tailored to meet the segmentation and luminance requirements for each location and desired function of the vehicle. Atala provides smooth, even lighting from hidden emitters with simultaneous pixelation and/or large area segmentation that is custom designed for each car.

Atala is Automotive-Qualified

Atala panels are subjected to thousands of hours of validation testing. They meet all automotive reliability standards and have passed the rigorous tests (e.g., AEC-A-102 standards) of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier 1 suppliers. Atala offers the highest brightness, as well as vehicle lifetime longevity—even in extreme temperatures and other harsh road conditions.

Blue Audi Q8 SUV. Rear view of car taillights. Car in the city.
Audi Q8 on the road. Courtesy of Audi Media Center. Copyright: Audi AG.

Robust Atala products represent the most reliable automotive lighting on the road today, as seen in both the Audi A8 (standard lighting package) and flagship Audi Q8 SUV (optional lighting package).


Atala Enhances Safety Through Communication

As the automotive industry rapidly evolves with electric vehicles and the rise of autonomous driving, OLED lighting plays a crucial role in improving safety for all road users.

Atala provides automakers with the ability to go beyond traditional LED lighting and enable “vehicle-to-everything” (V2X) communication. With display-like lighting, Atala uses dynamic symbols and animations to communicate upcoming hazards, sudden changes in speed, and other shifting road conditions to surrounding vehicles and other road users.

Atala for Diverse Applications

Atala is on the road in rear tail applications, and this versatile technology is being developed for CHMSL, rear combination stop/turn lighting, badging, and more. Advances in pixel pitch and luminance include:

  • Pixel pitches demonstrated down to 2.5mm.

  • Unlit gaps demonstrated down to 30 um.

  • Red luminances demonstrated up to 20,000 cd/m2 for stop, turn, CHMSL, and daytime V2X communication.

  • Amber luminances demonstrated up to 50,000 cd/m2 for turn and daytime running lights, and daytime V2X communication.

  • OLEDWorks’ Multi-stack OLED technology will continue to increase the luminance and lifetime capacity of Atala products.

Mockup of rear car lighting panel. Red square lights in checkerboard style.
Illuminated Atala panel demonstrator.

Atala is the Best Choice for Automotive

OLEDs are reinventing what’s possible in automotive lighting by transforming it from a basic illumination function to a state-of-the-art design experience for enhanced functionality, aesthetics, and road safety.

Atala offers the highest brightness, longest lifetime, and most reliable automotive qualified OLED lighting in the world.​ OLEDWorks conducts extensive research and development to advance Atala products with higher segment counts, smaller segment sizes, and smaller gaps between segments for display-like performance.​

Visit our gallery page to learn more about what sets Atala apart from the rest.

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